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This is a test. My blog was not letting me post pictures anymore; they weren’t turning out, even when I tried 6 different ones, so this is just a test; I tried posting another image just to see if it shows up or not, or if there’s still a problem. So, do you see an image here? Did it pass?Did it work or is it still down?

Mel Gibson is a certified A-Hole!

As if the drunken racist anti-semitic tirade a few years ago wasn’t bad enough(not to mention his drunkenness and cheating on his wife) NOW mega A-Hole Mel Gibson has sunk to a new low: allegedly beating up on his girlfriend; being verbally and physically abusive and using new racist slurs on top of that! She claims he hit her and knocked out her teeth(and while she was holding their baby,as well), and he claims she faked it(self-inflicted injuries and just her veneers fell off, not her teeth) and set him up, editing recordings of his rant and trying to extort him. Anything is possible, but based on his past behaviour I’d tend to believe he probably really actually DID beat her up, and her, being a gold-digger, looks like she has to work very hard to “earn” her keep with this one, according to how he treats her. Even though she IS a whore, she still doesn’t deserve to be beaten up like that; no one does, but I suppose the two of them sort of “deserve” eachother as well; him an abusive,racist, woman-beating, drunken adulterer, and her, a using, gold-digging,social-climbing  tramp that has affairs with married men! I would say, all things considered,his career is most likely over,and most surprising is the fact that his jilted ex wife is actually on HIS side in this; stating he has never been abusive to her, but my guess is that she still  depends on him to support her(and their 7 kids) financially thru alimony and most likely fears if she doesn’t take his side in this he’ll cut her off. It seems everyone has a financial stake in ‘ol Mel; he supports everybody and in return it would seem they must be subject to his despicable abusive crap. What kind of man does things like this? He’s another pampered celeb who thinks the rules don’t apply to him and he can do(and get away with) whatever he wants, but it looks like the ugly truth is finally catching up to him and he will be held accountable for his actions, and he has been dropped by his agent and basically been “blacklisted” in Hollywood yet has no one to blame but himself. He has gone too far even for liberal, immoral, anything goes Hollywood! I think he’s a pig.