Trying this on my own…..

This is what my computer does to me. This is how it makes me feel. Frustration. Stress. Ripping my hair out(if I had any; I’m bald!)This post is my test: I tried the new complicated method to add images and it actually WORKED!! I wrote the direction down and it actually WORKED! This is a good day for me; almost nothing ever works for me and this actually DID! I have to hold this day dear to my heart: something WORKED for me! Yay! Yay me!! This hardly ever happens! 🙂

My computer sucks!

My computer is a piece of utter shit. It’s slow loading, often says “site not found” no matter WHAT site I go to, and generally we have to re-boot the router(and computers) once a week or so, sometimes more often. As well, for the past few days the blog’s not allowing me to post pictures/images anymore  and when I looked into it  it turns out they changed something and what was once a simple 2 step process has now become a complicated 13 step impossibly difficult process I am totally unable to understand, remember, or do(even writing it out step by step),and my hubby has to do for me, which he intensely resents. I am not tech saavy and unlike him, I am NOT very smart, everything for me is always a struggle and I have a hard time with things, with everything in fact,and he has no sympathy; he just doesn’t get it or understand that NOT everyone IS smart like him,that things DON’T come easy for everyone like they do for him,and that some people (like me) just can’t adapt to new things, and are frustrated and struggle with change and learning new things. My computer has GOT to be the biggest piece of shite in the world, always giving me trouble and crashing, only showing blank pages,not loading or partly loading or taking forever to load and it’s so annoying and I just want to smash the damn thing or throw it out the window it gets me so mad! On top of that I also  found out the doc gave me the WRONG pills for my headache; it turns out it’s an anti-psychotic(no wonder it makes me feel so weird!) also used to treat  nausea or dizziness, but has NOTHING to do with headaches!I think EVERYONE here is incompetent and my computer is just something else of mine that sucks and doesn’t work and that always goes wrong. Welcome to my world.Typical.