Many paths to God.

I know my Christian friends won’t think much of this but I still  believe there are many paths to God(not just one “true” religion/denomination) and that most world religions are divinely inspired,and in fact, have had genuine prophets of God sent, be it Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, etc. for different peoples,time periods and regions of the world.They have surprisingly similarities despite their different and various ways of worship, such as Jews, Christians, Moslems and Hindus all have similar accounts of a Great Flood, among other events, and Moslems have a high respect for the Virgin Mary,and they and Hare Krishnas believe Jesus was a prophet,just don’t see Him as God’s Son,but hold Him in high esteem.Aside from Buddhism, which is for the most part an atheist religion(I wouldn’t even qualify it as a faith as much as a philosophical belief,and I’d group Scientology with that as well; not a religion as such, but more an “enlightenment” and self-help philosophy) as they rely on themselves for enlightenment rather than on a deity, most others actually worship the one same and True God as I (as a Christian) do; Jews have the same God, as do Moslems(it’s just the Arabic name for God is “Allah”) and even the Hindus and Sikhs worship the same God,and Hindus appear to have many gods it’s actually different manifestations and “personality traits” of the one and same God, given different names, like Hare Krishnas call Him “Krishna”(simply the Sanskrit names for “God.”) so they are, in effect, monotheistic!It’s interesting the more you learn about other faiths you see how they all seem to be connected and leading back to the same place,and these other faiths also believe in an immortal soul,an afterlife,and the concepts of Heaven and Hell.They share high  moral standards(and, in fact, the Hindus, Moslems, Hare Krishnas and Sikhs have stricter observances and morals than most Christians!),have dietary restrictions,fast, and believe what you do comes back to you, and that you should worship and follow God. I think God is for everyone,and He doesn’t discriminate based on where you’re from or what  religion you worship Him in.He is all-loving and merciful and I just can’t imagine Him limiting salvation and entrance to Heaven to just ONE particular group automatically excluding all others. We are ALL his people and I believe different forms of worship/different faiths are suited accordingly to one’s country,language, history and culture; uniquely designed by God to bring people all across the world to Him thru different paths.Different religions simply suit different people and their lifestyles and beliefs; we are not all the same!I personally DO believe Jesus IS God’s Son and that He died for our sins, but I don’t necessarily think someone who isn’t aware of that will be condemned. God loves everyone,and as long as you sincerely love and worship Him the best to your ability, live a clean,upright and moral life,help the less fortunate,respect and value life,avoid sin and the occult,and are a good person with a good heart and a strong faith you have done well.