Sieka Hadley Shih Tzu.

Sieka is doing well well at her new home here with us. When I lay on my stomach to tan she walks on my back, nibbles my ear,nuzzles my neck and licks my face. Every time she sees me she runs over to me, tail wagging merrily, in a big happy greeting! She and Wilson steal eachother’s food as well and he even lets her take toys off him, and he already tries to hump her(he’s a big pervert!) but she runs away  and scampers off and hides under the toolshed! She’s just a baby! He has to wait another year for that! We might have one litter later in the future, once she’s at least a year old. They love to playfight and wrestle as well and she’ll roll over onto her back in submission to his dominance. They run and chase eachother, barking joyfully,romping on the grass. She still “holds” it overnight in her crate and goes outside in the morning.She loves the wind and puts her nose up in the air, sniffing it, having it hit her face and blow across her fur, facing upwards towards the sky. It’s so cute!She’s bigger already and we’ve had her over a week but it seems longer. She still whimpers put in bed for the night, but not for too long,and I’m glad with our decision to get a second dog. They have so much fun, enjoy the company, and we have fun watching them. I love my dogs! ♥♥