Oh, Canada!

I live in Canada but I have never liked it and have always wanted to be from, and live, somewhere else. My mother and hubby hassle and criticize me over this(as if I don’t have the “right” to NOT like it) and sneer than why don’t I move, and I wish I COULD, I just can’t afford to. I don’t like the too liberal(legalizing many types of sin) but at the same time Big Brother Nanny-State gov’t, intrusive and invasive policies,encouraging immorality in the schools,the fact that it sucks here and we never get any of the good products,and is known as a nation of beer-swilling hockey-loving losers that say “eh?” like a bunch of dumb low-class Newfies..(as a note I can’t stand hockey OR beer!)The harsh cold winters aren’t so nice,either and it’s a very boring place with no history or culture.I have been to many places and I know what else is out there and what they are like in comparison. I have been to 25 countries so far and yet my know-it-all critical hubby has only been to USA(and I’ve lived in USA). I think I am more “qualified” than him in this area!Not everyone is patriotic and I disagree as well with the war in Afghanistan; over there killing innocent civilians when Afghanistan has never been a threat to us.I am against war and living in a very pro-military town is very hard for me as well; I don’t fit in. I simply like other countries and cultures  better,prefer them, and want to live elsewhere. WHY is that such a “crime?”People are unhappy in one country and immigrate all the time!; it’s not unusual!I think I’m also maybe just one of those people that can’t be, and is not meant to be, happy. I think I must lack a “happiness gene” or something.Happiness is a basic human need but always seems to be out of my reach. I’ve never been like other people; always different and can never relate to the “normal” experience. I have had happy moments, but it’s not the same thing as actually BEING happy,and sadly, I can’t even really remember what it’s like to BE happy, and then, of course, my mother and hubby criticize me for THAT,too, so I just can’t “win” either way, so that leaves me here, in a place I don’t like but don’t have money to leave, unhappy,and with no validation or support. “Thanks” a lot, guys.

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