Goodnight James.

I love James Dean. Every year I get a James Dean calender. This year I tried to order the family’s yearly calenders online(as they don’t have them here, just in shops in the cities) but it ended up over 200$ USD PLUS 50$ shipping, which is outrageous, so I cancelled the entire thing. I tried from their Canadian site but of course it was down and I couldn’t order. It figures, doesn’t it? Looks like we’ll just be S.O.L this year! I have always thought James Dean is a hunk; incredibely handsome and manly, very attractive and looks a lot like a guy I used to like years ago, but people like that have always been out of my league and beyond my reach and are nothing more than wishful fantasies.James is also from,and to me represents, the 1950’s, a time when people had strong values, families and faith, not immoral,violent, and godless like today. A time when I would have liked to have lived. Every night before I turn off my light and go to bed for the night I gaze up at James’ face up on the calender on my wall, blow him a kiss,and whisper,”Good night, James!” Looks like I’ll only be able to do that for the next 5 months, no more James Dean calenders. 😦