Miss Sieka.

Sieka got her first experience with the grooming clippers(I want her to get used to them early, and it’s also very hot and shorter hair cools her down) and let’s just say she didn’t like it and didn’t just quietly lay there and let me shave her like Wilson does. She squirmed and wiggled and I had to get her in a head-lock, but as time went on she relaxed a bit and it got easier,and it will the more she gets it.She’s still whimpering put in the crate at night before bed although usually it only lasts a few days and it’s been 2 weeks. Shit.Wilson has also been very fierce and aggressive  lately(nothing to do with her, he has been for months) snarling, growling,and biting us, so what we do is flip him over onto his back and hold him down until he submits to our dominance(it’s a dog thing).. He’s very stubborn and defiant but eventually gives in, until he skulks off, humiliated and defeated, but behaving like that is NOT acceptable and we will continue to do it until he finally learns and modifies his bad behaviour.My mom says maybe we should just get rid of him and keep her but the kids say at least wait until they have puppies later and then we can keep a pup and get rid of him then.

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