Conrad Black is back.

Media mogul Conrad Black has been released from jail on bail, awaiting his appeal. He served 2 years for fraud( a businessman committing fraud? Gee, who’d think, ha ha.) I always thought he was no worse than any others; they just chose to make an “example” out of him because he’s high profile, very rich, influential and controversial. Personally, I sort of like the guy.He’s refined and cultured and doesn’t let people push him around. I admire his class,elegance,and determination. They say in jail he was a model prisoner, very polite and respectful. I also admire how he put the gov’t of this country in it’s place(no, he doesn’t like it here,either; I’m not the only one!) as the UK decided to award him the honour of being inducted into The House of Lords(British nobility) and the gov’t here wouldn’t allow it( why, I don’t know; what another nation chooses to do, and award people with, is no business of theirs!) so he decided to renounce his Canadian citizenship and went ahead with it regardless,thumbing his nose at the gov’t and this country(and got backlash for it!) People can have dual citizenships, so what’s the problem? Just the gov’t being Big Brother and oppressive and dictatorial. I am glad he did what he did. Good for him. I agree it sucks here,too,and I’m glad he stood up to them and their ridiculousness and it’s time that someone high profile,rich and powerful did. The gov’t is always coming down on the “little” people and stomping on us, but this time they took on someone who had the “balls” and the financial means and the influence to put them in their place and make it be known. Way to go!! They “shit” on the wrong guy and I applaud him!