Let’s go to the Ex!

Next month we go to the CNE(The “Ex”). It gives me mixed emotions: nostalgic memories as a kid; I’d go 6 or so times each summer(when I lived there; just hop on a streetcar and go!) but now we live far away and it takes hours to drive there, so we only go once. I remember going as a kid; the Food Building, the rides, the midway,the crafts and unique items in the buildings, the candy and caramel apples and candy floss. I remember the one year my cousin and I bought these funny “invisible dogs” on a leash and how his dad(my uncle) got SO mad at him for wasting his $$$(but we thought were hilarious and I still laugh when I think about it!),and when we went on this twirling ride it turned the same direction and he’d end up squishing me, and he had a cast.My all-time fave. ride is the Zipper!The sad part of it is it always signals the end of summer. I remember the bright lights and fireworks at night, and the horse building that smelled so bad you had to plug your nose and hold your breath when you went in. How the boring Hockey Hall of Fame is the one and only building I never go in to.Now as an adult my hubby takes the kids to go on the rides(I can’t stand in long lines like that, esp. in the sun; I pass out) while I browse the vendors/buildings and we meet up for lunch and split up again until we meet for dinner.We stay for a good 12 hours and so much walking my feet,legs and back are aching and throbbing so much at the end of the day I can hardly move. During the long drive home at night the kids usually fall asleep.When I was a kid the “carnies” were creepy, greasy drunken guys but now they are presentable; usually university or high school kids.I have fond memories of the Ex and it’s still the highlight of my summer,and for my kids now,too.