The World’s Most Hated Man.(poor guy)

This is most likely the world’s most hated man right now: Tony Hayward, head of BP(British Petroleum, that is, for those of you who don’t know) and now being relieved of his job with a sweet 18 million $ severance package(hey, I’d accept being hated for a cool 18M…people hate me NOW and I don’t have the $$$!) I feel sorry for the guy though; I think he’s just merely the “fall guy”, the one being blamed for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Most likely as the prez of the company he had little or no knowledge of the whole extent of things; most times the bosses higher up are NOT entirely informed of things happening beneath them or at least not until the very last minute. Regardless, there is only so much you can do: at least BP DID admit the mistakes(as opposed to covering it up, denying it, or saying “Oh,well, so what…”) and accepted responsibility and they did try many things to try and stop it and clean up(and at a cost of like 1/2 BILLION$ a WEEK at that) and then eventually found a solution that worked, but at least they tried and that’s all you can do.Accidents HAPPEN. I think they are being unfairly attacked and he’s just the fall guy;accidents happen and society always wants somebody has to be blamed for it and as the head of BP, it happened to be him, but I’m sure it kept him up nights, fretting, stressing and worrying.I seriously doubt he was lounging on his yacht drinking margaritas without a care in the world. BP is re-imbursing fishermen and others affected by the disaster as well( and I know this for a fact as my son is processing insurance forms for BP for his summer job!) I think the Union Carbide leak in India years ago was even worse, but because it happened over there and ISN’T affecting USA, no one cares, and this one affects animals more than people, so all the animal-freaks and enviro-nazis get all up in arms about it. I personally care more about the HUMAN cost and affect on people than the animals, and I think the tragedy in India was far worse. Tony Hayward likely is the most hated man right now,that is, until something else happens to take the spotlight off him and turn people’s wrath onto someone new.(maybe the Mel Gibson scandal now?) All things must pass and people are fickle and go any way the wind blows.

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