The Money Pit Continues…..

Well, guess what now? The pool is STILL leaking! It seemed to have fixed itself but now for the past 6 days it’s been getting lower the lower once again  and I’ve had to keep re-filling it with water 1-2 times a day now, 1-2 HRS at a time. So, we called the pool guy that came before to check for the leak(he’d only “tweaked” a few things before but said there was no major leak…..uh, I guess he was wrong, he just never FOUND it!) but he had the nerve to say we must have sprung a “new” leak and therefore it isn’t covered under the “warranty” he claimed we had before, that a return call was free of charge if the leak hadn’t been resolved, and as a new leak he has to charge us as a new service call, for 375$ so we just said forget it! By the time we pay that(and who’s to say that the same thing won’t just happen again and he still never locates the leak and we’re out even MORE $ and STILL have the leak!) and it’ll be cheaper to just keep refilling it every day; even though the water bill’s astronomical, it’s still cheaper than if the leak is located and having to pay them to tear up our yard,expose the pipes, rip up the concrete and dig underground,etc. to fix it! We haven’t got the $$$$ anyway and have already exceeded our pool budget for the season and there’s just no more $$$$ left for it, so the leak will just have to remain, and by the way, hubby left a scathing message for the guy and added he’s trying to rip us off and that he’ll definitely NOT be referring his services to anyone! What a money pit the pool has become, just one added expense on top of another and the truth is we just haven’t got the $$$ and can’t afford it. The paint is peeling off most of the bottom of the shallow end as well and needs repainting(and for that we’d also have to drain the entire 9 feet of water and to refill the entire pool costs 600$!) but THAT costs $$$ we don’t have too, as well as the slabs of concrete that have either fallen off or are loose and the tiles that have fallen off and are continuing to fall off as well. It looks like a dilapidated slum, just like everything else we have; all broken, pieces missing, mismatched, used, falling apart, etc. but we can’t afford to have things fixed or to replace them(we could hardly afford to buy them in the FIRST place!), so we have no choice but to let them decay. What else can we do? Everything we have is crap, and I feel like a one-woman tornado of bad luck that jinxes everything. I have such  unbelievable and incredible bad luck at an amazing frequency and consistency it’s unreal. I am like a living “Murphy’s Law”. Everything always goes wrong for me and it just all piles up until I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m being punished for a crime I didn’t commit; like “bad karma” or something, I don’t know, but it drives me crazy and raging mad and I’m  fed up!