The pool leak guy is a scammer! He called us about us cancelling our app’t since they were going to charge us as a new service call, even though they’d said it was under warranty and if the leak persisted they’d make a return call for free, but then had the nerve to say it’s a “new” leak(instead of the SAME one as before they failed to locate!)so they’d called us back and my hubby explained it’s a rip-off,and they claimed there wasn’t a warranty and even accused my hubby of “lying” about it, and they were yelling and fighting over the phone and then he hung up on my hubby! What a horrible way to treat customers! They SUCK!! As well, before they had us pay up front, before they even came(who does that? Usually you pay AFTER the service, and in many cases not until 1-2 weeks later when they mail you the bill) and we now know why: it’s a scam; they’ll come and take a look and just tell everyone they can’t find the leak,and get paid regardless as they’d have already cashed it, otherwise people would simply say,”Well, you didn’t find the leak so I’m not paying!”since they never received the service. What a rip-off! So, we still have the leak,and likely always will. I can’t believe the nerve of those guys though!

As well, I found out today my hubby forgot to pay our Internet bill, now a MONTH late! I flipped! His excuse is he’s “too busy” but that’s no excuse! Everyone’s busy, but you still have to pay your bills on time and not be a deadbeat! I’m so embarrassed!I guess we’re lucky they didn’t shut our service off! Then he screams at ME to shut up about it and ordered me to not talk about it any more, so I told him he’s not my boss and I can say whatever I want! Then he yells he doesn’t have to listen to me, and then I told him he never does,anyway. He can be such an asshole!

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