Happy Birthday Babushka!

Today would have been my grandmother’s 98th birthday(she died 3 months before turning 93!) as she was born in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank! She was one of the few people that was actually kind to me and I have fond memories of her and still miss her. She taught me everything I know about flowers and birds(and that I passed on to my own kids) and I remember her lovely garden with all the varieties of flowers and plants that she’d cut for me to take home after a visit.She was a highly talented and intelligent woman who was very smart at math(I obviously didn’t inherit!) played piano(perhaps where our 14 year old got her gift from) drove a car when it wasn’t usual for women to drive(she was ahead of her time)well-travelled, and could knit,sew,and crochet, but was also handy around the house and built the deck out the back,layed down carpet and sewed and installed our curtains. She was very generous with her time and her money and babysat me as a kid and I visited her often,and remember the time my aunt was mean to me and I went into my secret hiding space in the hall closet with food, sleeping bag, pillow and toys and she came in and sat in there with me! She knit me beautiful sweaters and afghans,and had the nastiest black poodle to roam the face of the earth! She was a moral, upright Christian woman who didn’t smoke or drink, who was cultured and refined and didn’t approve of immorality,vulgarity, “low-rent individuals” or “hooligans”,and who attended daily Mass.The only thing was she was a racist and hated black people, esp. Jamaicans who she complained “over-ran” the city and were “all criminals”, but the funny and ironic thing was in her later years at the old folks home her best friend WAS a black lady, so hopefully she corrected her error of racism. She also had alzheimers the last years and it was so sad to see this intelligent woman wither away, forgetting who we were, and even who she was at times, and where she was, and often thought she was a little girl again.She gave us the down payment for our house ,and when she died, with her inheritence, we were able to pay off the rest of the house and to travel.I miss her and will never forget her, my father’s mother. ♥