Yesterday was a bad day for accidents! My hubby took the kids for a bike ride and the 7 YR old quickly jerked her handlebars to swerve to avoid a rock, and went flying head-first over the handlebars so my hubby dove in front(my hero!), to cushion her impact onto him instead of cracking her head open on the concrete(even with a helmet),and he banged up his arms; cut his arm and fingers,got road rash, and really hurt his wrist and shoulder and at first thought it might have been even been broken.(and I am now obsessing with fear over what could have happened to her otherwise!) I patched him up and  put ice on. The 7 YR old just ended up with scraped up knees and hands and as well the 12 YR old skinned HIS knee, and then later on the kids were making an obstacle course and jumping over a wagon and the 9 YR old missed, tripped and fell, and hit her arm hard on the wagon, hopping around crying and yelling in pain, so then SHE had the ice pack put on as well, and hopefully not sprained or broken as she can still move it and it seems better now. Not a good day! A bad day for accidents! As well a few days ago I hurt my foot(have no idea how) and it still feels sprained and hurts,is swollen, and I limp along when I walk. We are the walking wounded and so accident prone!

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