Our new priest.

We’ve had our new priest now for awhile and he’s a really nice guy! He’s funny, jovial, friendly,kind, easy to talk to,approachable,reassuring, and makes you feel comfortable.I had Confession with him and he never even gave me penance, saying my sins are “the usual human emotions and weaknesses” and that “even priests struggle with the same things”, and about the sex scandal in the Church that shakes me up he agreed with me, and said it’s even harder for priests(as they are all suspect now; a few bad ones ruin it for all of them)that they feel even MORE hurt,shocked,scandalized, betrayed and disillusioned(as this is not only their job but their entire LIFE) and that it shakes HIS faith as well and that even his own mother had told him if she’d “known years ago what the Church would be in to she’d never have wanted him to join the priesthood”,and advised me to “just pray to God and ask Him, “Hey, God, can you please help me deal with all this crap?” He’s really good, and the kids will have a nice time at Bible camp next week even more than usual with him there now He is a great addition to our Parish and he peppers his Homilies with little funny stories and jokes and light-hearted humour. I like Fr. T. He also said our former priest  Fr.B is unhappy in his new parish; complains that neither the Church or the rectory has A/C like he was used to here.Poor guy.I still miss him,too.