Old Spice.

I LOVE the smell of traditional Old Spice, a man’s cologne and after shave. It also gives me nostalgic memories of my uncle(who died over 25 years ago), who always used to wear the after-shave. As well, a friend of mine in highschool often smelled of it as she used to like to wear her father’s coats and sweaters which had cologne still left on them; she said she liked the smell as well. Now the new Old Spice commercials with the guy on the white horse are hilarious, where he says “look at your man, now look at me, then at him, now back at me…” and how “your man can’t be me but he can smell like me”; it just cracks me up and makes me laugh.What kind of  creative and humourous genius ever thought of such a thing, I wonder? They have actually become quite popular. We have a bottle of Old Spice in our downstairs bathroom(and I’m not even sure where it first came from) and at times I just open the lid off it and sniff it; inhaling and enjoying the scent and sometimes I even rub some on my freshly shaved bald head, to envoke happy nostalgic memories of the past, of my uncle and that takes me back to my childhood. I still like the smell even to this day! 🙂