Hubby went to the hospital…finally!

Days after hurting himself(after he dove down to catch the impact of our 7 YR old when she went flying head-first off her bike to the pavement) and having a sore wrist and shoulder so bad it kept him up during the night and made him barf from the pain hubby FINALLY “found the time” to go to the ER(not the incompetent hospital I went to; he drove 40 min. into another town with a better one) and get it x-rayed to see if broken or badly sprained. He had to wait 3 HRS to be seen, and the doc, upon examining him,said it looked like he had a separated shoulder, but the x-rays came back clear; no fractures(or else it was so fine it never showed up?) just badly banged up, and said he should get more mobility in about a week. As it is now, he can’t move his shoulder(it’s been 4 days) and his wrist is so weak and sore he can’t even cut bread with a knife. All he can do is rest it and take it easy, but at least now we know. I’m surprised, actually, that it wasn’t much worse based on how much he whined and carried on….I guess he’s just a big “baby!” 🙂