The Garbage Can Incident.

We had a strange incident with the garbage can which left me completely mortified and embarrassed: I saw it looked like one of our cans had blown across the street as I only saw one out the front of our house knocked over(we put out 2), so I told the 15 YR old(garbage is his chore) to go out and bring it back….so he did, but then I discovered that we’d only put out ONE can this week and that it actually WAS the neighbour’s across the street’s(looks the exact same as ours; the raccoon-proof ones), so I told him to put it back, but instead he left it in front of our house saying it’ll “blow back across the street”, to which I freaked out and yelled for him to quickly return it, before anyone notices it’s gone, or even worse,before they notice it on OUR property, as then they’d think we STOLE it! So then he returned it and I hope and pray it was before the neighbours were even aware of it! I cringe to think if they think we stole it! How humiliating! I’m so embarrassed!

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