Time for Bible Camp once again!

It’s Bible Camp once again for the kids aged 12 and under. It’s all this week and then a pageant the evening on the last day. The kids always have so much fun with it and look forward to it all year long and have been really excited for it. They learn religion, play games, make crafts, have snacks, make friends and have the best time. This year 4 of the kids are going( the 3 YR old doesn’t behave well enough to go; he wouldn’t sit still and pay attention long enough, plus he bites people!) and the 14 YR old wanted to be a counsellor but by the time she got back from Cadet camp(3 weeks) it was too late so maybe next year. They have had their clothes for the week all organized and sorted out,waiting, ready to go.They will be coming home telling me stories of all the fun they had, all the things they learned and all the things they did. I am excited for them,too! 🙂

As well, our son finally went to a clinic and got antibiotics for his Strep throat(and got a swab test done and results should be in later today) and the smart doc gave him a DOUBLE prescription, “for next time”, which I thought was a great idea! So, now I can relax knowing he’s on the mend and won’t develop complications, and won’t  be contagious either when he comes up to visit us on Friday!