“Ketchup” Post.

Catching up on what we’ve been up to:

Our son’s throat culture swab test came back positive for Strep so the doc switched to a different antibiotic, a newer, stronger, more effective one, as he said penicillin has been around for so long Strep is becoming more resistant to it,and this is likely why he got it again. The new meds are only taken for 5 days and he should start to be feeling better tomorrow. We also have had sooo much heavy rain the past few days; buckets; it’s torrential, like Noah’s Ark, and Wilson’s mean and won’t let Sieka inside the doghouse,and the 3 YR old let her put her tongue in his mouth(Yeeech!)and the water will be turned off again today(doing repairs on the pipes) for at least 5 HRS(it was just recently too, only 9 HRS but they never told us ahead of time before!)We also like our new priest and the kids have Bible Camp all tis week.Our gate at the backyard looked like it was forcibly kicked in as well, like someone was trying to break in; people here SUCK!Just another month and summer ends and it’s back to school as well which I am most certainly NOT looking forward to! ICK!