Everyman’s Hero.

This is Steven Slater. The media is going viral with his story. He is a fed-up disgruntled flight attendant who snapped, who just had had enough and wasn’t going to take it anymore. He was fed-up with the public’s rudeness and it was a classic case of “Take This Job and Shove it!”. A rude passenger(who also happened to disregard the safety precautions and he was just doing his job) set him off into a expletive-laced tirade of rage and he swore over the intercom, grabbed a beer off the food cart, opened the emergency exit activating the inflatable slide, slid down it….and drove off! He was pushed too far and it was the proverbial “Straw that broke the camel’s back.” He had been a faithful employee for some 30 years, and was stressed over the full time and demanding job of taking care for his ailing parents who recently died. What he did might not have been professional, but it was certainly human. I don’t think anyone hasn’t thought of doing the exact same thing: walking away from the stress of a job that eventually overwhelmed them.Life is just too short to put up with crap. I can see that he would be fired over the incident, but what shocked me was that he actually got arrested! It’s not like he did it mid-flight; the plane had landed! He was just pissed-off and quit. I have seen firsthand how rude and inconsiderate airline passengers can be(and to be fair, I have also had several snotty, indifferent, or even downright rude flight attendants as well; it works both ways) who usually end up sitting right behind me, in fact. I think he is Everyman’s Hero as he actually did what most of us would love to do but he actually had the “balls” to do it! I for one hope the charges are dropped. Give the guy a break.Working with the public s a nightmare; so many people are so rude and inconsiderate. A little civility, manners,respect, and politeness goes a long way.I applaud him!