Wilson has been aggressive and growling ever since February, and he is only getting worse(not better) over time. Now he also snarls, snaps and even BITES us, he even jumps UP to bite us! He is very nasty, mean and fierce. Nothing seems to work in modifying and correcting his behaviour. My hubby blames Sieka, but we have always treated them both fair and equal; equal pats, affection and attention and treats, he hasn’t been forgotten, neglected or left out. He also likes her and gets along well with her; it’s just us he’s mean and growls at and bites and I can’t figure out why. At first I thought maybe he was lonely and it might have been pent-up sexual frustration but now he HAS a mate and he’s still just as aggressive, actually even more so.I seriously think we have to get rid of him(I mean, who wants or needs a dog that attacks them?) you don’t even have to raise your voice or anything; just approach him, pat him, pick him up,or even just walk BY him and he snarls and growls, totally unprovoked. He also growls when you let him out of his crate in the morning, when you let him outside and when you bring him inside. We hope to wait until next year until Sieka has puppies and then we can get rid of him; we’ll replace him with a puppy, so that way Sieka still has company and we still have 2 dogs,and once she has a litter we won’t need him anymore or have any need to put up with his aggression.That gives him roughly a year to smarten up or pack his bags….the kids call him “Wil-shit” now! Maybe in the meantime the best we can do is just ignore him? Just leave him alone and not bother?What else can we DO? Someone suggested neutering, but he’s a purebred, and besides, it’s mutilation, and how can we have puppies that way? He either behaves or he’s out.He’s a nasty little thing!