I got a REALLY big(and nice!) surprise last night! Our son came up for a visit a day EARLY; he was supposed to come later today! He took the train up, and surprised me at the Bible Camp pageant; during the Mass part he snuck up in the pew behind me and rubbed my bald head, and I turned around in surprise and saw him! I squealed in delight and gave him a hug the best I could twisted half around! People must have thought I was nuts! At first I thought it was maybe his brother(15 YR old) that he’d decided last minute to come,afterall! What a nice, and welcome, surprise! He and my hubby had known about it for days yet somehow managed to keep it a secret not only from me but from everyone! He also brought me a jar of tehina sauce(that you can’t find here in “Bumble’Fuck”) and will be staying for about a week before he returns back for the school year and has to find an apt. I am so happy to see him and missed him! He’s recovered from Strep but has lost weight and looks skinny but I have a week to fatten him up! The pageant went well, and I enjoyed it as I always do!We videotaped it and took photos.