El Retardo!

My hubby just got this new toy called “Diablo”(Spanish for “Devil”) that I re-named “El Retardo”. Let me tell you why”: it’s this contraption that’s a string with 2 handles attached and has this hour-glass plastic thing that looks like part of a breast pump. He brought it out in the yard to TRY and impress us…..but wasn’t so successful. All he did with it was slide the thingy from side to side along the string and tried to toss it up into the air and catch it on the string, but it kept falling on to the grass. Yawn. Sooooo “impressive”, it was “fascinating” and I could hardly control myself, ha ha. The kids weren’t so  impressed either, except for maybe the 3 YR old who got gipped when my hubby took his turn first and the 3 YR old scolded him,”Hey! You cheater! It’s MY turn!” it was so funny! The 15 YR old said it’s a “Hillbilly Yo-Yo”, and I told my hubby that next time he has a new toy to try to show-off with it’s better if he actually practises with it first and is actually able to DO something with it before he puts on a show for us.He just ended up looking like a doofus. He was sad and said it “looked cool on the video” and blamed it’s(read:his) ineffectiveness on the grass, or on something else or other. It was rather pathetic, really, and we got bored and left.