The last will be first….

In the Bible Jesus said that the “Last will be first and the first will be last” in the Kingdom of Heaven.This is good and welcome news to me as I have always been last in life. They last chosen at school to join a team in gym class. The last left leaning against the wall at a school dance.The last chosen as a partner to team up with in science class or for a class project. The last chosen for a job, etc. you get the idea. It has aways been a fact that I am never chosen above others and that I am always the one overlooked, passed by,passed over,ignored,left out, and who matters the least. Everything and everyone has always been more important than me, and my needs, concerns, etc. Like today, for example, my computer died yet AGAIN and I needed my hubby’s help but he was watching  a TV show and even THAT is more important than me and in helping me.He couldn’t even pause it for a minute to come help me out. He acts like I’m a spoiled indulgent brat that stomps off in a huff because I have to wait and don’t always come first, when in fact, it’s really because I’m sick of always coming LAST. (I have NEVER come first!)I am always dismissed, devalued, disregarded and have no “say”. My needs, thoughts, beliefs,opinions,worries, and concerns don’t matter and are not important. I am like a burden and insignificant annoyance that must merely be tolerated but not given any time, value, attention, importance, authority,rank, meaning, or significance,and esp. NOT before anything or anyone else.If it’s just me or something for me it can always wait and be put last on the list of things that need attending to.Least important.Least in priority. I have always been last in life but the good news is it means I will be FIRST in Heaven!