Loser-free Zone!

I am absolutely FURIOUS that my hubby said he’s taking our oldest son to see violent, low-class, white-trash and inappropriate UFC at a skanky BAR! Even though he’s 20 it’s still no place for a Christian or anyone of any morals and I’m outraged!What was he thinking?He KNOWS how I feel about it, but I’m never considered and have no say.I am always over-ruled and undermined. I vehemently objected but of course it fell on deaf ears; whatever *I* say, think, or believe has no importance, weight, or merit and is automatically ignored.Me and my opinion don’t matter.I am always “out-ranked” and dismissed. I want  my kids to have class and culture and to NOT be low class losers! My hubby is always trying to get them into his white-trash background and I am always trying to stop it. There is a cultural divide between us and it is always a cause for contention and discord.I DON’T want them smoking, drinking, taking drugs, watching wrestling,anything violent, sports, NASCAR,playing pool,darts, etc. or any other low class trailer-trash  endeavor. I don’t  want them to be white trash! He thinks I’m a snob but I’d much rather be a snob than white-trash! At least I have standards and I have morals. As well, the losers next door were yelling and fighting with neighbours across the street,and the ones behind us were calling someone  a “Trailer-trash whore” when THEY’RE white trash themselves(most people in this hick town ARE, like some 95%) when they’re always out there being loud and obnoxious, smoking, smoking up, drinking beer, swearing, saying “Eh”, etc.I want BETTER for my kids. I DON’T want them corrupted, worldly, low-class,crass, vulgar, uneducated, uncultured,ill-mannered, etc. I want them to have class, culture, manners, to be educated and intelligent,and to follow God’s moral laws and not to be brought down to a low level and no standards.I don’t want them to be “low-rent individuals” but my hubby’s sabotaging me at every turn and trying to turn them into losers and I want this home a loser-free zone! I fear I am fighting a losing battle….