What an incredibly shitty day I had!

You just wouldn’t believe the shitty day I had. From the moment I woke up everything went wrong. I can’t even have things work out first thing in the morning.This was a day I should have just gone back to bed!!A severe overnight storm killed one of my hanging plants(and not the one that’s almost already dead but the other one that was ok; figures.)and our electricity was down. Then my piece-of-shit computer had a virus and someone was trying to hack into my Facebook account and I was locked out of it.I also woke up with a massive headache,and then the losers next-door were loudly screaming and fighting outside for the whole neighbourhood to hear(which didn’t help my headache) and my leg hurts so much(I think may be a blood clot)I wince and can hardly walk.Sometimes I just think that the universe is out to “get” me. Everything always seems to work against me all the time and goes wrong.I never get a break.I think I have been cursed with bad luck.I am a cosmic joke.

On top of that, a family member is staying with us and as always as soon as they came they “waltzed” in and took over like they “own” the place; kicking one of the kids out of their bed(she had to sleep on the floor) but then I guess her bed wasn’t “good” enough for them(too “hard?”) as my mother ended up giving them her bed,and they monopolize the recliner chair, and every day at 19:00 my mother comes outside and sits with me and talks(the only time she ever even bothers to spend with me!) but now they’re here it(and I) just get tossed aside; she decided to spend time with THEM instead.This person has ALWAYS come first, no matter what, and everything has always been about them. This person will likely never even read this as I never even told them I HAVE a blog, but it needs to be said and I need to get it off my chest.This cycle always repeats itself; it’s like a stain I just can’t get rid of.For me it is like a dark cloud over our house during the duration of the visit; like having royalty staying with you and everything and everyone is entranced, life stops,and everyone’s  disrupted for them;fawning all over and catering to them; they  just got here and already everything revolves around them! Our family dynamic is out of whack and this person has such a sense of entitlement and it just rubs me the wrong way to no end!