No glasses!

Our 9 YR old had her eye exam and she passed! She is on the “threshold” of needing glasses, but they don’t do them this “fine” and it wouldn’t make any difference. The eye doc said she will soon, like in another 1-2 YRS and has a slight astigmatism. We are sooo surprised as she seems so “blind”; not able to see things at a distance and has trouble distinguishing between certain letters and numbers, but it’s good news nevertheless!  I guess you need to be virtually blind as a bat before needing glasses then?I was, being the inborn worrywart that I am(and being “conditioned” by my life and past misfortunes to always expect the worst), worried maybe it was something worse, more serious, like an eye tumour or degenerative eye disease or something and that she’d go blind or need surgery, etc. my hubby scoffed that 99.9% of the time it’s minor, it’s nothing, and just need glasses,but I reminded him that,although generally true, that WE are usually that rare unlucky .1%. Luckily though this time we were not and I so relieved!

As well, our son takes the train back to the city later today, to find an apt. before the school year starts and he’s excited to be leaving this hick-ass “Bumble-fuck” town and griped he hates the country,and in the city he “wouldn’t get dirt, shit,and gasoline” all over him like he does here. We had a nice visit and it was nice seeing him,and I’ll miss him and likely not see again until Christmas.

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