Behaviour Modification.

We are slowly seeing some improvement and success in Wilson’s behaviour modification/re-training for his aggression and dominance. I have checked online for various tips on how to stop dog’s growling and biting, and have applied it to Wilson’s training; we always make sure we go ahead of him going in or out the door,up and down the stairs, greet and feed Sieka first, before him,showing he is NOT dominant to anyone,humbling him, and shun and ignore him while he’s still being fierce; pretending he’s invisible and doesn’t exist; no negative attention, but only positive re-enforcement.When he DOES snarl, growl or bite we submit him by holding him on his back until he surrenders to our dominance. He has shown signs of deferring to our authority such as NOT growling anymore when we walk by or near him(like he used to) but merely walking out of OUR way. He’ll often still try to sneak in and run ahead past us(or growl when we go ahead of him)and then we prevent him by nudging him behind with our foot.It takes time, but seems to be having some effect.We are slowly seeing positive change.

As well, nosey-parkers animal police were on our street snooping around, going from door to door to hear dogs barking, peeking in yards trying to spot dogs,, looking in recycling boxes for signs of dog food cans, and peering in windows looking for nose prints, etc.trying to find unlicensed dogs, so we quickly brought the dogs indoors and hid all the food dishes and toys,etc. and covered up the doghouse with towels. So far so good, they never caught us; we refuse to pay for a license on principle; why pay when you don’t even get any services FOR it? It’s just another way for the greedy,thieving, money-grubbing gov’t to extort money off us.It’s none of the Nanny-State Big Brother’s business whether we have dogs or not,we shouldn’t need THEIR “permission”, and the whole dog license thing is ridiculous and we refuse to be badgered in to it! They can take their bylaws and shove it you-know-where!