I get more James for another year!

Success! I have finally found a James Dean calender for 2011! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to, as I’d tried to order them earlier on an American site but it would have cost over 200$ for my order; incl. 50$ for shipping so I said forget it, and went to the Canadian site but it had been down for 1-2 months but is finally back up! Of course it doesn’t have the selection the American one does(it figures, everything here sucks and we never get any of the good stuff) so I could only find 7 out of the 11 calenders we order, but I did get the James Dean so I still safely  have another year of swooning!

I was also disappointed and saddened that on the entire site, of the hundreds of calenders they had, that they didn’t even have ONE SINGLE Jesus calender! To make it even worse(to add insult to injury) they DID have  pagan ones, Wiccan ones, Harry Potter ones, tree-hugging ones, ones on casting spells, etc. you get the idea; they DID have the OCCULT,pagan and New-Age, but NOTHING for God, for Christians, for JESUS! My hubby shrugged they carry what sells and there’s a lot more worldly, ungodly and occult people in the world than righteous ones; hardly anyone would buy a Jesus one so they don’t sell them. Still a sad thought and now I have to find out where I CAN find one, perhaps a Christian bookstore, maybe? They used to have them, usually 6 or so different versions but this year NOT EVEN ONE! I am greatly dismayed.