The Sieka Chronicles.

Sieka is now 4 months old and already almost as big as Wilson, so she will outgrow him for sure and end up bigger than him; esp. as she’s not even half grown yet! She continues to eat ca-ca(yeeeech!) and it took a month but now she’s quiet at night when put in her crate for bed and is quiet(for the most part,anyway) in the morning waiting to be let out. She is becoming quite a pain in the ass,however, chewing on the porch carpet, barking,and running away when you call her and not coming, and you have to chase her and run after her(which is REALLY annoying!) like she thinks it’s a game. She now sits patiently when you eat and waits for a morsel at the end, and then she sits up on her haunches and catches it thrown into her mouth. She also responds to her name and looks,and always runs up to you with a cheerful tail-wagging greeting and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s been all night or just a couple of minutes since she last saw you; she’s the welcoming committee!She’s getting into a lot of trouble lately but still remains sweet and cute! Wilson, however, is now even MORE vicious than ever(just when we thought there was progress) so it looks like we WILL have to be getting rid of him afterall, it’s just a matter of when, and we’re unsure if we’ll wait until they have a litter next summer and replace him with a puppy….or perhaps maybe just buy another puppy now, so Sieka still has company?One things’ for sure, we’re NOT putting up with a fierce, aggressive dog that snarls, growls, snaps and bites us!