Plumber, minus the crack!

Yesterday was a busy day! The plumber came(minus the crack so the kids said he didn’t look like a plumber) to check the hot water tap in the tub that keeps dripping and then turned into a heavy leak.No matter HOW hard you tried to turn it off, even using 2 hands or a towel for a better grip, it just wouldn’t turn off. We had bene using pliers to turn it on and off and then it got so bad we had to turn off the hot water valve when not having baths. So, he came, and needs a part and will retunr again Friday.Not that we have the $$$$ for a plumber(and most things we just try and do ourselves, or make due without if not, for this very reason) but figure it’ll cost even MORE for all that constantly running water!My hubby had been putting new “washers” in but even so in a week it had to re-done again and after awhile made no difference.

As well, we had the 15 YR old re-new his photo health card(they “didn’t like” his signature, but so what, the gov’t is always ridiculously demanding, and got mad he never had ID from a bank, tax form or driver’s license….he’s 15…he lives at home, doesn’t have a job or an income and doesn’t drive, so come ON!)so now that’s out of the way for another 5 years, and applied for a Social Insurance Number for the 3 YR old. No, he doesn’t have a job yet; it’s for savings bonds! The 7 YR old is feeling better today after fever and  barfing 5 times the night before, now up and around a bit and eating and no more fever and barfing.This is esp. good as we’re going to the Ex this week(hubby has a week off vacation) and this is the ONLY week we CAN go so the timing for people being sick is bad!