We went to the Ex!

We went to the Ex and it was fun, as always. I recognized some of the same vendors there year after year.We were gone 11 hours or so and even now I’m still all stiff, achy and sore; my feet, legs and back are KILLING me from all the walking! I got another of my killer headaches as well but luckily brought pills with me.The kids and my hubby went on the rides and I looked around in the buildings and then we met up for meals. The 7 year old luckily recovered from her sickness and just had a runny nose and cough so she was ok afterall and thought it was just called(and spelled) The X, as in the letter! I also watched a couple of cultural shows from China; dancers and acrobats, which was REALLY good and they had such lovely costumes! The only thing I hate about it is that the backs of my feet always get hit from behind by strollers in the crowd! I hate that soooo much! The weather was perfect as well, sunny but with a strong breeze(and it also helps it’s near the water so it’s always cooler) and not too hot and no rain! It is something we look froward to all year, but also a sad reminder it’s the end of summer! I bought a lavender sachet,a new watch, a velvet skirt and a tye-dyed dress and the kids got toys and slushies.This is a yearly summer tradition we save up all year for!