Mosque at Ground Zero?

There are talks of a mosque being erected at Ground Zero, the spot where terrorist attacks killed thousands of innocent people at NYC’s World Trade Centre years ago,the tragic event  now commonly referred to 911. People are protesting it, blogging about it, campaigning against it, etc. My personal opinion is that everyone should have the freedom, incl. religious freedom, to build houses of worship and to freely express their faith and beliefs peacefully without fear of reprisal.Muslim/Arab does NOT automatically mean “terrorist”; the two are not necessarily synonymous and racial profiling and discrimination never does anyone any good, the ethnic group being targeted for attack, or the society that persecutes them.Most  Muslims are peaceful and just want to live and work in the community and raise their families just like the rest of us. Terrorists come in many shapes, sizes, religions,and ethnic groups, and remember that the infamous Shoe Bomber and Oklahoma City bomber were home-grown Caucasian AMERICANS; they were not Arab or Muslim.Ulrike Meinhof and her terrorist group were German, and Carlos the Jackal wasn’t Arab either,etc.I am clear I do NOT support terrorism in any form by any group, but it’s also  wrong to blame people that are not responsible and to lump them all together as if they are the all and the same based on their religion or country of origin. This racial stereotyping has gone too far. I can remember in London, upon arrival at the airport ,seeing a Muslim woman with her hijab in front of me and I whispered to my kids,”Watch this; for sure they’ll inspect her luggage….” and of course they did. It’s wrong to target Arabs(or anyone) like that, and just use the “magic words” “Terrorist threat” and a person’s legal and human rights are automatically suspended, just look at the Omar Khadr case; no trial, no rights.. NOT every Muslim is Al Qaeda or the Taliban. If peaceful, devout Muslims want to erect a mosque at Ground Zero, as a way to pay respects and to worship in unity and peace, then I say let them.What harm would it do? They are not the same people that caused the attack. Would there be such an uproar if a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue was to be built there? I really don’t think so. It’s time society stops blaming ALL Arabs and Muslims for the extremist acts of a few.I think people should be free to peacefully  worship as they choose and not be forced hidden “underground”. Remember, if they came for the Jews in Nazi times and are coming for the Muslims now, maybe they’ll be coming for YOU(and YOUR religion or ethnic group) NEXT…..