Owww, my aching tooth!

Shitshitshitshit! My Wisdom tooth is at it again(I’d thought they were all fully in,too!) on the right side at the  bottom and it hurts sooo damn much it woke me up at night and I can’t chew on that entire side. With the swelling, pain, and anesthetic gel I put on I talk “funny” now,too,and have needed to take Tylenol #3(the codeine ones) and I rinse my mouth out as well gargling with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to kill the infection. It’s bleeding and hurts like HELL! Now I know what teething babies go thru! I don’t have any dental coverage either, so it either gets better on it’s own eventually or else I just have to suffer. My entire JAW hurts now and the pain is spreading.This really sucks and I hope only lasts a few days and feels better soon.To make it even worse is my over-bite which causes my top teeth to press on and rub on the sore spot.It figures, huh?

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