Why being ugly DOES matter.

Recently a friend of mine commented why does it really matter is someone’s pretty, thin, popular, etc. or not, and in a way she’s right, and it SHOULDN’T matter(and it doesn’t matter to God), but yet we all know it does, it really does. For example, for me personally, I know  if I were pretty instead of ugly my life would have been very different; I wouldn’t have been passed over, overlooked, excluded,isolated, etc. and I would have had A LOT more opportunities in life and not have been as limited. I would have had more choices, more chances, more options. Attractive people are always chosen first, are more likely to be hired for jobs, have no trouble finding dates,and so on. The world is wide  open to those who are attractive and very cruel to the ugly.If I were pretty I would have attended a prom, had more than one guy(who ended up to be my husband)who  liked me, had several dates and boyfriends, been asked to school dances, more likely to have been hired for jobs,had self esteem, felt included, worthy, liked, valuable,wanted, loved,and wouldn’t have been rejected, reviled,taunted, bullied, and ostracized. I would have felt like I was a part of something instead of always being an outsider, on the outside looking in, admiring other people and their lives, “borrowing” their happiness,wishing I was them,and would have felt accepted.I wouldn’t be last in life and feel left out of life.I would know what “normal” is. There really IS a vast difference in the quality of life, socially, romantically,emotionally, professionally, etc. between those who are good looking and those who are not; it’s like night and day; a totally different standard of living.If I weren’t ugly I wouldn’t avoid looking in the mirror, hating every single thing that I see, be filled with self-loathing and resentment and always wishing I was someone else; ANYONE else, rather than myself. I would have been a totally different person with a totally different life, but perhaps if I WAS pretty and liked by guys and asked out and had the normal social and dating experience most people have that I might have ended up immoral? Perhaps I would have been vain, prideful, and sinned sexually? Maybe by making me ugly God was actually protecting me; allowing me to be a better person INSIDE, and morally, that I might not have been otherwise if I was pretty? In any case, I’ll never know(not this side of Heaven anyway) but when my friend mentioned why does it matter, it really DOES matter to me, as it would have changed my entire life and my entire outlook.It was easy for her to say,too, as she’s pretty!