My toothache continues!

My sore wisdom tooth continues to give me trouble.It has been 5 days so far and hasn’t gotten any better. I thought for awhile it might be; at one point it started really gushing blood and then for awhile there the pain let up a bit, but now it’s back. It wakes me up at night, I can’t chew on that side(and now it even hurts whenever I chew at all as well as when I swallow) and the pain has spread all along my jaw, and I have to put numbing gel on it to dull the pain about every 10 minutes.There is a big lump that you can see and feel even from the outside. The gums have broken from the erupting tooth and there are “flaps” hanging.I also noticed, on top of that, a canker sore, and the tooth is rubbing against it, making it that much worse and my overbite makes it worse too as the top teeth press down on the sore gums. I still continue to clean and disinfect it and take painkillers. I don’t have dental coverage so all I can do is hope and pray it finally gets better, goes away, and the pain stops! This is REALLY bad!! I am really hurting!

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