Yo Yo.

The kids’ newest thing now: the yo-yo. My hubby bought them a bunch of yo-yos somewhere and showed them the various tricks and skills on his professional 100$ yo-yo. So, of course now they are greatly impressed, but thought that they too could do all the same tricks the first time they tried, which, of course, they can’t; they even have trouble getting the yo-yo to come back up, and got frustrated and mad it kept spinning and that the string got tangled, etc.(and the 9 YR old even fell in the pool doing it;too; too close to the edge!) and despite trying it just never worked. They need more practice. It sort of reminds me of a friend of mine years ago when I gave him a pair of roller skates and he kept falling and gave them back and said they “didn’t work!” Things are never as easy as they look!