Adieu, summer!

Just our luck: we had booked the pool guys to come this week to close it up for fall/winter and they came yesterday and it ended up to be 30C with humidex of 37C, and is supposed to be above 30C for a few days; heatwave is back after being cooler for the past 2 weeks.Of course.As well, with my typical luck the shirt I’d ordered online was no longer available in my size(and the first place I’d ordered from before it was out of stock,too)and how can I tell if I’m maybe not “meant” to get it….or if it’s just yet something ELSE that isn’t going right and doesn’t work out for me?So I had to order another one again, and the canopy tent keeps on collapsing,and my new dress I just got ripped already as well, and it was the first time I even wore it! As for my sore tooth/gums now it hurts every time I swallow and chew and the pain has spread to my jaw, ears and head. Typical day for me.I had another massive headache as well on top of that. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. We start homeschooling again next week as well and I’m definitely NOT looking forward to it!It has been 25 years since I graduated and even now I STILL have nightmares about it!!I can’t believe summer is almost over. Now I’m really down…shit.