Plumber, minus the crack!

Yesterday was a busy day! The plumber came(minus the crack so the kids said he didn’t look like a plumber) to check the hot water tap in the tub that keeps dripping and then turned into a heavy leak.No matter HOW hard you tried to turn it off, even using 2 hands or a towel for a better grip, it just wouldn’t turn off. We had bene using pliers to turn it on and off and then it got so bad we had to turn off the hot water valve when not having baths. So, he came, and needs a part and will retunr again Friday.Not that we have the $$$$ for a plumber(and most things we just try and do ourselves, or make due without if not, for this very reason) but figure it’ll cost even MORE for all that constantly running water!My hubby had been putting new “washers” in but even so in a week it had to re-done again and after awhile made no difference.

As well, we had the 15 YR old re-new his photo health card(they “didn’t like” his signature, but so what, the gov’t is always ridiculously demanding, and got mad he never had ID from a bank, tax form or driver’s license….he’s 15…he lives at home, doesn’t have a job or an income and doesn’t drive, so come ON!)so now that’s out of the way for another 5 years, and applied for a Social Insurance Number for the 3 YR old. No, he doesn’t have a job yet; it’s for savings bonds! The 7 YR old is feeling better today after fever and  barfing 5 times the night before, now up and around a bit and eating and no more fever and barfing.This is esp. good as we’re going to the Ex this week(hubby has a week off vacation) and this is the ONLY week we CAN go so the timing for people being sick is bad!

The Sieka Chronicles.

Sieka is now 4 months old and already almost as big as Wilson, so she will outgrow him for sure and end up bigger than him; esp. as she’s not even half grown yet! She continues to eat ca-ca(yeeeech!) and it took a month but now she’s quiet at night when put in her crate for bed and is quiet(for the most part,anyway) in the morning waiting to be let out. She is becoming quite a pain in the ass,however, chewing on the porch carpet, barking,and running away when you call her and not coming, and you have to chase her and run after her(which is REALLY annoying!) like she thinks it’s a game. She now sits patiently when you eat and waits for a morsel at the end, and then she sits up on her haunches and catches it thrown into her mouth. She also responds to her name and looks,and always runs up to you with a cheerful tail-wagging greeting and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s been all night or just a couple of minutes since she last saw you; she’s the welcoming committee!She’s getting into a lot of trouble lately but still remains sweet and cute! Wilson, however, is now even MORE vicious than ever(just when we thought there was progress) so it looks like we WILL have to be getting rid of him afterall, it’s just a matter of when, and we’re unsure if we’ll wait until they have a litter next summer and replace him with a puppy….or perhaps maybe just buy another puppy now, so Sieka still has company?One things’ for sure, we’re NOT putting up with a fierce, aggressive dog that snarls, growls, snaps and bites us!

The Roma people.

The persecution, racism and outright hatred and discrimination of the Roma(what used to be known as “Gypsies”) people in Europe greatly bothers me. I don’t like discrimination against any people, be it Blacks, Arabs, Jews, etc. or anyone but what is going on now across Europe(France, Italy, Czech Republic, etc.) is increasing and inexcusable. They are deporting Roma, they are targeted for vicious attacks, smear campaigns, victims of violence, they live in shacks or tents  in ghettos in sub-standard conditions(incl. no electricity, no garbage pick up, and one water pump to serve dozens of families) they live in dire squalor and  poverty(like  a Third World nation but this is Europe we’re talking about here!), have limited education and high unemployment and are generally refused employment. They are outcasts, hated and shunned, and treated like second-class citizens. This is just wrong and unacceptable. NO people should be segregated, ostracized and discriminated against in this way. They have been persecuted through out history and were also targeted for extermination in the Nazi death camps.They are generally a nomadic people and live in caravans, tents or refugee cities and move about from place to place.It reminds me of how I saw the Palestinians living when I was in Israel; in ghettos and in less-than-ideal conditions,and esp. as compared to the other citizens. Racism is alive and well everywhere in the world today and it breaks my heart. I pray for the Roma people and for all others who are being treated as less-than-human. What’s WRONG with people? How can they hate an entire race of people like that and hold them back socially and economically? I guess history DOES repeat itself and people haven’t learned from the sins and evils of Nazi Germany and WWII.It hurts me even more as I have always had a special love of Europe, a connection to it, have been there many times, and have always held a special place in my heart for it,and to hear they are treating people this way(esp. when back in time they weren’t racist; in fact in places such as France they treated Blacks with respect while racism was prominent in the 1960’s and such in USA!)it pains me greatly to see them behaving this way. Europe is a collection of MANY various ethnic groups, languages and cultures.There is a place for everyone, incl. the Roma.

I get more James for another year!

Success! I have finally found a James Dean calender for 2011! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to, as I’d tried to order them earlier on an American site but it would have cost over 200$ for my order; incl. 50$ for shipping so I said forget it, and went to the Canadian site but it had been down for 1-2 months but is finally back up! Of course it doesn’t have the selection the American one does(it figures, everything here sucks and we never get any of the good stuff) so I could only find 7 out of the 11 calenders we order, but I did get the James Dean so I still safely  have another year of swooning!

I was also disappointed and saddened that on the entire site, of the hundreds of calenders they had, that they didn’t even have ONE SINGLE Jesus calender! To make it even worse(to add insult to injury) they DID have  pagan ones, Wiccan ones, Harry Potter ones, tree-hugging ones, ones on casting spells, etc. you get the idea; they DID have the OCCULT,pagan and New-Age, but NOTHING for God, for Christians, for JESUS! My hubby shrugged they carry what sells and there’s a lot more worldly, ungodly and occult people in the world than righteous ones; hardly anyone would buy a Jesus one so they don’t sell them. Still a sad thought and now I have to find out where I CAN find one, perhaps a Christian bookstore, maybe? They used to have them, usually 6 or so different versions but this year NOT EVEN ONE! I am greatly dismayed.

Behaviour Modification.

We are slowly seeing some improvement and success in Wilson’s behaviour modification/re-training for his aggression and dominance. I have checked online for various tips on how to stop dog’s growling and biting, and have applied it to Wilson’s training; we always make sure we go ahead of him going in or out the door,up and down the stairs, greet and feed Sieka first, before him,showing he is NOT dominant to anyone,humbling him, and shun and ignore him while he’s still being fierce; pretending he’s invisible and doesn’t exist; no negative attention, but only positive re-enforcement.When he DOES snarl, growl or bite we submit him by holding him on his back until he surrenders to our dominance. He has shown signs of deferring to our authority such as NOT growling anymore when we walk by or near him(like he used to) but merely walking out of OUR way. He’ll often still try to sneak in and run ahead past us(or growl when we go ahead of him)and then we prevent him by nudging him behind with our foot.It takes time, but seems to be having some effect.We are slowly seeing positive change.

As well, nosey-parkers animal police were on our street snooping around, going from door to door to hear dogs barking, peeking in yards trying to spot dogs,, looking in recycling boxes for signs of dog food cans, and peering in windows looking for nose prints, etc.trying to find unlicensed dogs, so we quickly brought the dogs indoors and hid all the food dishes and toys,etc. and covered up the doghouse with towels. So far so good, they never caught us; we refuse to pay for a license on principle; why pay when you don’t even get any services FOR it? It’s just another way for the greedy,thieving, money-grubbing gov’t to extort money off us.It’s none of the Nanny-State Big Brother’s business whether we have dogs or not,we shouldn’t need THEIR “permission”, and the whole dog license thing is ridiculous and we refuse to be badgered in to it! They can take their bylaws and shove it you-know-where!

No glasses!

Our 9 YR old had her eye exam and she passed! She is on the “threshold” of needing glasses, but they don’t do them this “fine” and it wouldn’t make any difference. The eye doc said she will soon, like in another 1-2 YRS and has a slight astigmatism. We are sooo surprised as she seems so “blind”; not able to see things at a distance and has trouble distinguishing between certain letters and numbers, but it’s good news nevertheless!  I guess you need to be virtually blind as a bat before needing glasses then?I was, being the inborn worrywart that I am(and being “conditioned” by my life and past misfortunes to always expect the worst), worried maybe it was something worse, more serious, like an eye tumour or degenerative eye disease or something and that she’d go blind or need surgery, etc. my hubby scoffed that 99.9% of the time it’s minor, it’s nothing, and just need glasses,but I reminded him that,although generally true, that WE are usually that rare unlucky .1%. Luckily though this time we were not and I so relieved!

As well, our son takes the train back to the city later today, to find an apt. before the school year starts and he’s excited to be leaving this hick-ass “Bumble-fuck” town and griped he hates the country,and in the city he “wouldn’t get dirt, shit,and gasoline” all over him like he does here. We had a nice visit and it was nice seeing him,and I’ll miss him and likely not see again until Christmas.

Jesus Freak!

My mother has accused me of being “obsessed” with God, my religion,Church, God’s moral laws,etc. you get the idea. At least I HAVE standards and morals, I stand for something and believe in something, unlike her, who has NO moral standards and thinks “anything goes”, who excuses, condones, tolerates and tries to “justify” sin. She says things like “that’s just what YOU believe!”(actually, it’s not just what *I* believe, but what GOD SAYS; I just happen to follow it!)) or “that’s what they believe”,”YOU can’t tell other people what to do”, “if that’s who they are then it’s ok”, etc. She fails to realize God’s Truth is absolute and He doesn’t have “exceptions”. She sneered “God loves EVERYONE!” which, of course, He does,(and I never said He didn’t) but as a loving parent He also disciplines and punishes and won’t put up with bad behaviour(=sin). It is precisely *because* He loves us we are commanded and obligated to meet His requirements and are accountable and will suffer the consequences if not. It’s NOT a free-for-all, do whatever you want/whatever feels good thing. His standards and laws apply to everybody, whether they choose to see(and obey) them or not.We, as His people, are also obligated to NOT tolerate what He does not, and to avoid sin, those who sin, and to inform them.

As well, I have had a few people try to leave comments on my blog(I have decided to not publish) criticizing me of being judgemental, stuck-up, a moral snob, etc. and all I have to say about that is this is MY blog, about my thoughts, opinions,feelings, perspective; how I see to and relate to what is going on in my life; this is my safe place, my domain, and I will not be insulted or criticized here. I get enough of that out in the world for not fitting in, for being different, opinionated, having morals and standards,being religious, and for standing up for God and not going along with the world. Here is my forum of self-expression, to purge myself , a way of getting things off my chest, and so on. If you don’t like it, then you are free to leave. No one is forcing you to stay here if you don’t like me, my beliefs,what I have to say, my opinions, or what I write. You are free to have your opinions and to disagree, but here I am free to speak my mind, to gripe and complain and to not have to worry about what other people think, so just take it somewhere else.This is my outlet! I will not “censor” myself on my own blog. I recently had a so-called “friend” tell me my “attitude doesn’t help” and I blasted her with a scathing reply that she has NO idea what my life is like and everything I go thru and if SHE had to put up with what I do every day, day in and day out, SHE’D complain,TOO! I am so sick and tired of  not being validated,being blamed for how I feel, for being told I shouldn’t, or don’t have the “right” to be upset, depressed, to complain or get mad, etc.I also added sarcastically, “‘Thanks’ for your ‘support!'”My thoughts and feelings ARE valid and if people don’t like it, then they don’t have to read it.I will not apologize  for it.