Divisions among Christians.

I have Christian friends from different denominations and even though the basic precept is the same(followers of Christ, as our Lord and Saviour and Son of God) there are also some many vast differences I realized.Interestingly, they can be startling. They are from the Roman Catholic(RC) faith, Jehovah’s Witnesses(JW), Latter-Day Saints(or Mormons) (LDS) and Evangelicals.Despite what they DO have in common I’ll point out some variations and differences:

Hallowe’en: JW do NOT celebrate it(due to it’s occult nature and don’t celebrate ANY pagan-based holidays, and this incl. Christmas and birthdays as well as others that even just have pagan origins)RC and LDS aren’t banned from it but I know several individuals/families who don’t celebrate it(incl. us) for the same reason: glorifying Satan and the demons, and Evangelicals also shun it as well for the same reason.

Homeschooling: Most evengelicals do it as a general rule, many RC do and a handful of LDS but few JW do.

Christmas: All but the JW do, however, I know of some evangelicals who do NOT put up Christmas TREES,as they see this as a form of idol worship and traced back to pagan origins.I think they should do what they believe their conscience is telling them is right.

Birthdays: all but the JW do; they don’t as they say it’s prideful, like “worshipping” the celebrant, tied to ancient pagan rituals and that your birth isn’t what matters, but one’s death that is important.

Post-secondary education: most LDS really strive for this, as do many RC and Evangelicals but JW discourage as they think it makes one too “worldly” and corrupted at university.(I agree there is a lot of truth to this)They prefer just to graduate highschool and then get menial jobs and concentrate on their “field service” preaching work.(interesting note: the Amish only school until grade 8)

Alcohol, smoking and gambling: Sadly and embarrassingly RC DO allow these sins(although our family personally does not) but JW just allow the alcohol(in moderation) but both LDS and Evangelicals forbid it.

Jesus as God and as God’s Son: variations here: RC and Evangelicals believe He is BOTH(God incarnate; the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit) but JW and LDS both believe Jesus IS God’s Son but NOT God Himself; but rather that they are 2 separate Beings.

Birth-control and abortion: Proudly RC forbid both, and although LDS encourage large families birth-control itself is not banned, yet JW DO allow it but evengelicals do not. All of them realize the sin of abortion as murder and do not allow it yet in some cases LDS do allow it.

Head coverings: I personally know some Evangelicals that think women must have their heads covered in public. Years ago(before Vatican II) RC did as well, but only in Church.The odd time I still DO see some women “veiled”(usually old ladies or the Italian widows) and I respect it as their choice.

Modest dress: they all, to some degree, agree on this; no slutty or revealing clothing such as min skirts, low-cut or belly-baring tops, tight or see-thru clothing etc. but LDS take it a step further: no sleeveless clothes as well and some Evangelicals also say arms and legs must be covered; wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and women can’t wear pants but just skirts or dresses.

Make-up: Some Evangelicals forbid it and as well insist that womens’ hair must be long.The others have no official standards on it.

Military: RC leave it up to the individual but condemn “unjust wars” and capital punishment, LDS seem quite PRO-military, JW are very ANTI-war and anti-military and it varies among Evangelicals but I know quite a few to be very PRO-war and pro-military,esp. the Americans and very pro-gun as well.

So, in a nutshell, this explains some of the curious differences I have observed in my friends of different faiths; similar yet also different.What about our family? Well, we don’t celebrate Hallowe’en but do Christmas(and have the tree), celebrate birthdays, aim for post-secondary education(now, in fact, our 2 oldest are away at university) but realize as well it may NOT be for everyone,we don’t agree with smoking,drinking or gambling,we believe Jesus is BOTH God and the Son,don’t believe in birth-control or abortion,don’t personally use head-coverings(although I did when in Muslim countries, out of respect for THEIR culture) dress modestly, wear make-up but not excessively,and I am only for peace; NOT war and don’t support military and their killing and oppressing other nations. I guess that’s it!


I like squirrels(not when they tear apart my garden though!) I think they’re cute and enjoy watching them. Every night around 19:00 this same one always comes to our yard, sits on the fence and munches on his nuts or crab apples from the tree next door. They scamper along the hydro wires,up trees, across the fence, and the dogs like to torment and chase them on the lawn.I simply just like to watch them and my fave. ones are the brownish-grey ones. Once we had a nest of them in our roof as well and my hubby had to evacuate them and fill in the hole they accessed, since they have been known the gnaw thru wiring and cause fires. Our 12 YR old also delights in shooting them with a water gun. When I was a kid I used to play “squirrel”. I remember at school behind the school sitting up on this roof, isolated, away from the rest of the schoolyard, at recess, enjoying solitude as I often did, time alone to think, pray,and dream. I used to watch the squirrels in the oak tree there gathering nuts and used to pretend I was them, wishing I was a squirrel.(I also used to pretend I was a dog and a bird, and spent much of my childhood trying to fly, which, of course,never worked.) I also remember my aunt used to feed the squirrels and leave nuts on her kitchen windowsill and when they were gone the squirrel would actually tap on the window for her to replace them! You see them everywhere here, one of the most common animals, along with raccoons, skunks,chipmunks,rabbits,various birds,and even the odd groundhog or porcupine.One of the funniest things I’ve seen was a BIRD chasing a squirrel along a fence, squawking and flapping it’s wings, and the squirrel running away; I guess it got a bit too close to it’s nest?

Crocs….with socks(and without.)

Our 3 YR old recently got a cute little green pair of Crocs sandals. He absolutely LOVES them(and looks incredibly cute in them!) and he’s always wearing them, both with and without socks,and he loves them so much he even wore them in BED at night even though we don’t even WEAR shoes IN the house! It’s just the cutest thing,and checking him at night and re-covering him up trying to remove the Crocs off his feet he woke up and wouldn’t allow it! I also have a pair as do 3 of the girls. I agree they AREN’T the most “attractive” things in the world(some may even say fugly) but they sure ARE comfortable! I wear them when I’m walking around at the Ex for 8-12 HRS and they really DO make a difference in how aching ,sore and tired my feet get.My checkered shoes are my fave. shoes(and I have worn them all around the world; they are a pair of funky well-travelled shoes and even got soaked in the Caribbean Sea when I fell off a sailboat….don’t ask!) but my Crocs are by far the most comfortable!(I don’t wear them to bed!)Go for comfort, not style!

Rainbow puppy!

This is the new Webkinz Tie-Dyed puppy.  I got it the other day. I also have the rainbow armadillo and 2 of the Webkinz Jr. puppies. The kids, between them, must have easily over 50 Webkinz! I think they’re the cutest things(with the exception of a couple of fugly-looking ones) and this one I really like; rainbow, and reminds me of my tie-dyed clothes I love so much. It’s like the hippies from the 60’s revived! You also have a code you can use online for the character and they have rooms you can decorate and items you can buy. I just use mine for the cute and cuddly toy(and yes, even at 43 years old my room still looks like a teen girls with the dolls and stuffed toys!) and just give the code to one of the kids to use online; they have a whole collection of them.Even the 3 YR old has started collecting; he has 2 of them already,and yes, he goes online; he’s been using the computer since he was just a YR old.It’s interesting to see what new Webkinz they’ll come out with next! As well, the girls collect the Zhu Zhu Pets and have 22 so far between them!

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

This is the Hindu god Ganesh. Our family has this weird “thing” about it, kind of an internal family joke/tradition thing. We mean no disrespect to Hindus, but we saw this video from India that was really funny and part of it had Ganesh and “Ganpati Bappa Morya!:” and it became kind of a family “joke” with us. We think Ganesh is cool with his elephant head and we have made this whole thing out of it that only our family would understand; like an “inside joke”(like how we did with “Pogue Mahone” when I was in Ireland and developed this whole character out of it,made it this family joke thing, and now I even use as my screen name). The family’s “fascination” with Ganpati(and other things) would puzzle outsiders. For us it’s this big “thing” and we have these elaborate “story lines” based around it and have fun.We get attached to something(The “All your base are belong to us” is another example) and then it just goes from there and branches out into all sorts of idiocy! It’s not in a disrespectful,making fun sort of fun(and we have nothing against Hindus or anyone else), but our family is unusual(to say the least) and we always get “attached” to certain things that just strike us in certain ways and seem to “stick”,we base a whole  big thing out of it,make characters and story-lines out of it, and then it gets blown out of proportion and becomes a secret family “ritual” that no one else would get but to us it makes perfect sense.Anyone else hearing/seeing it would shake their head and go,”Whaaaat?” as we laugh,cry, and convulse in hysterical giggles,It’s one of those “you had to be there” sort of things. I know, we’re weird!  🙂

People I Admire.

People I admire:

Mormons: Their strong sense of family(and having many kids!) and high morals; no smoking or drinking.(no tea or coffee,either)

Amish: Their large, tight-knit families,strong morals, avoiding and apart-ness from the corrupt sinful world,and deep pacifist(anti-war) stance.

Hare Krishnas: They have the right idea on family planning; sex only for married couples and just for procreation.That way, no birth control or abortion EVER, and every child is always a wanted child.They also have high moral standards; no smoking, drinking or gambling.(and no meat)

Muslims: Strong devotion to modesty, virtue and chastity; protecting, preserving, honouring and safeguarding modesty and covering for women in conservative dress.Moral standards: no alcohol or gambling.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: They have high standards, and commitment and perservence in their preaching work.(and no smoking)

Evangelical Christians: They don’t celebrate Hallowe’en due to it’s occult nature(neither do we, for the exact same reason!) ,tend to homeschool,and have strong families and are pro-life.

Buddhist Monks: They are peaceful and bring no harm to any living beings.

Catholic(that’s us!!): strongly defend pro-life; no birth control or abortion.

ANYONE who is for peace, defends God’s Truth, Laws,and morality,and stands up for justice and for what’s right,even when no one else does.

The Pooper Scooper.

We now call Sieka “Pooper Scooper” as a nick-name due to her disgusting habit of eating ca-ca, and not only does she eat her OWN but snuffles along in the grass looking for turds to eat and eats Wilson’s too and the most gross act ever when he was doing a ca-can she stood behind him, waiting for the turd, with her mouth wide-open, then caught it in her mouth and gulped it down eagerly! It was so gross I was in hysterics and cracked up laughing so hard I cried.(Needless to say, we don’t let her kiss us on the mouth for obvious reasons, and call her “Shit-breath.”) She’s also chewing on the fence(we now rub Tabasco sauce on to discourage her) as well as the porch carpet,and the colour on her nose is even FADING now; turning from black to brown(maybe we can fill in with a black “Sharpie” marker?) and she’s already the SAME size as Wilson now, and she’s just half-grown( she’s 5 months and he’s 18 months old) so I think maybe HE might be “stunted” in some way and a puny runt; not as big as he should be(and males generally are bigger than females,too) and my mom thinks maybe we got “taken” when we bought him; that he’s either NOT really a purebred Shih Tzu or else he’s deformed. He also now lunges at us to attack, and jumps out from under a chair to try and bite our arm or leg,and growls and snarls if we just walk by him, talk to him, or even just LOOK at him. He has a nasty aggressive dominant attitude and we get NO enjoyment out of him at ALL; just trouble,and now he’s starting to bark a lot as well. It’s just a matter of time before we get rid of him now….we don’t ask much: just NOT attack us or destroy things.Those aren’t too high expectations!

Why I love being bald.

I love being bald.I first shaved my head to support our son when he had cancer 5 years ago and have pretty much kept it most of the time ever since. I find it very liberating without hair,and it saves a lot of time! No more time spent styling, curling, perming, dyeing,flat-ironing,gelling,moussing,spraying,etc. and I save $$$ on shampoo(and all hair products) and no more worry about hat-hair, bed-head or wind-blown hair. It is funky and unique and now my own individual style. I figure I can never be pretty but I can always be unique.It also brings out cancer awareness and is a fun way to shake things up, make people question society’s obsession with hair and beauty,challenges the idea women must have long flowing hair to be feminine and attractive,and it’s so easy care; just shave it every 2 days(takes 5 minutes) and that’s it! It’s also great for the sweltering summer heat and for swimming(but does get cold in winter so I wear either my fur or wool hats to keep warm)and makes me memorable, such as if I’m to meet my hubby in a store he’d easily be able to identify me to the clerk as “that bald lady”(“have you seen her in here?”) and they’d instantly know who he meant and would remember me! As well, I no longer have to worry about thin hair or grey hair,either! Once I even got preferential service at an airline check-in counter as the clerk said she “admired” me for being individual and having the “courage” to do it. A lot of people say they’d like to but are too “scared”.Once I did it I got rather attached to it and now I really love it!

The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!

Our 14 YR old now ALWAYS wears these retarded looking fingerless gloves that look like striped SOCKS!(even in 30 C heat in SUMMER!) They look pretty much the exact as in the photo pictured here except hers are black and red. They are the most ridiculous looking things EVER and look like a pair of ugly striped socks with the toes cut out, but worn on the arms up to the elbows. It makes her look like she broke her arms or something! It’s bad enough she wears them at home but also goes out in public with it and it’s dumb and embarrassing. My hubby scoffs “that’s just YOUR opinion”(yeah, we all know MY opinion doesn’t matter, count for anything or have any merit or influence!) and that “it’s the style” but I don’t care; it  STILL looks retarded! I mean, who the hell wants to wear SOCKS on their ARMS? She wants to look like some stupid anime character or something and even spikes her hair up like them,too. I don’t get it.{shaking head and rolling eyes.}

As well: I had an emotionally draining day yesterday: a friend who I had invested in much emotionally turned out to be NOT who I thought, but a liar and a user(he’s even just marrying his girlfriend to get citizenship!) and now I feel hurt, betrayed and sad.As well, my mother snarked “why do I even ask her anything as I never listen to her anyway” and when I stated,”You NEVER loved me right from the beginning!” she smirked, “That’s RIGHT!” What kind of person SAYS something like that,anyway? I feel like I am self-destructing, like my brain is short-circuiting and like I am going to implode. I am shattered emotionally and am just an empty “shell” left now.I cease to exist.

Is this wise?

Our son has been complaining his Wisdom teeth are coming in and bothering him and wants to have them removed, as in surgery.I, however, think he should give it some time and wait and see if they come in ok(and just use Anbesol in the meantime) and that surgery is only necessary if they become impacted. Wisdom teeth can takes years to fully erupt and it’s not worth the risk of surgery and possible complications(anesthetic, allergic reactions, excessive bleeding, infection, etc.) esp. with OUR luck and the fact that WE are always that rare 1% and unusual reaction, complication, case, etc. so I am hoping he either  changes his mind, or that if he does look into it the dentist will also advise him to wait, or that his university student insurance won’t cover it(and we don’t have dental coverage) and that the surgery won’t happen. My biggest concern: that he doesn’t get the General anesthetic which is the biggest risk(breathing problems, heart failure, death, etc.), and seems excessive for a mere tooth removal and not worth the risk just for teeth!! I hope, at least, if he DOES decide to go thru with it that at least he gets an IV sedation, which is  a lot less risky(and would worry me a lot less as well!).If he thinks the erupting teeth hurt, wait until he tries surgery! He’d also have to take a few days off school to recover, and now he can sympathize with teething babies and what they go thru! I just think the risks outweigh the benefits, esp. at this point,so I hope he gives it time and just waits and sees.I just finished getting the last of MY Wisdom teeth in now, and he’s just turning 21 so he has a lot of time to watch and see…he has time on his side and I don’t want him taking unnecessary risky chances, esp. when it’s NOT life-threatening!