“Ketchup” Post.

Catching up on our lives:

We start homeschooling again next week, and having a heatwave again, yeah, now our pool’s closed for the season. Figures. Our oldest kids took the train back to university, we went to the Ex,Wilson continues to be snapping, growling, biting and fierce(despite what we thought earlier was progress with his behaviour training),Sieka chases the kids’ yo-yo’s and jumps up and swats at and tries to catch it. The 3 YR old also, when I told him he’s cute, goes, “I not cute; I adorable”, my wisdom tooth is still bothering me,I continue to have my killer headaches ,and our oldest freaked me out by having these 5 different Facebook profiles, in which he says he’s into sinful and inappropriate  things like drinking, “The Simpsons”, “Sex in the City”, “Twilight”, etc. and it really worried me that he has this secret immoral life(and how would we know; he’s far away at school, and might be corrupted by the world)that we know nothing about(even though it surprised me as he’s not like that, at least as far as I know!), but he said a friend of his just  made them for him as a joke(and that he told him not to), and, assuming it’s true and he’s not just SAYING that, I feel greatly relieved. It sure did freak me out though! It had me extra concerned as I know even good  people CAN change and be corrupted; it happened to some of  my friends; they are no longer the same people I once knew; somewhere along the way with bad influences at school they lost their values and morals and became ungodly, worldly and sinful.It’s just that I have so much invested emotionally in my kids and my main goal is to train them with the right values to get them into Heaven and I know that society is working against me!

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