F*cking wasp!!!

I got stung over and over by a f*cking wasp! It had it’s stinger embedded into my arm and was stuck and couldn’t get out and it kept wriggling and trying to fly and get loose and as it did so it kept injecting me over and over, 7-8 times. I finally flicked it off(after letting out an almighty scream and realizing what happened) and now the welt has REALLY swelled up, now a 3inch diameter(so far, and it’s still getting bigger), and it’s all red, hot, hard, and hurts, feels like a stinging or burning and keeps swelling up. I put an ice pack on to lessen swelling and pain but can’t take a Benadryl(antihistimine) for awhile as I just taken my headache pills(which have codeine in and can lessen respiration) and they might interact. Pretty soon I’ll end up looking like the Elephant Man! I have a history of wasp sting allergies, and before the calf of my leg ballooned up 10 times it’s normal size and I have had many stings before, mainly hands and feet, but also eye(which swelled shut!) and even my tongue and lips(which hurt the MOST and really swelled up as well) when it flew into my can of pop and I took a drink….felt something like being cut by a piece of glass and saw the wasp fly out of my mouth. This one is extra bad,however, as it wasn’t just 1 sting but several of them over and over in the same spot. I HATE damn wasps and one of the first things I’m going to ask God when I die is,”What were you THINKING? Why did you MAKE those things?” As I see it, they serve no useful purpose,and they’re so mean,too; they come right up and sting you for no reason, unlike bees, which for the most part, mind their own business and only sting you if you step on them or poke your nose in a flower,and at least they make honey! What good is a wasp FOR? They’re just a nuisance! I HATE those f*cking things!