I have rabid dogs under my bed!

Our 7 year old heard me mention about “rabid dogs” and calls them “RABBIT dogs”. It reminds me of when I was a kid and saw the movie “Old Yeller” and the farm boy had to shoot and kill his dog who had rabies. After that I had this intense fear of rabid dogs, esp. once I was 7 or so and actually SAW 2 rabid dogs in my schoolyard fighting and there was blood all over the snow and the principal called us all inside and called animal control. It set off this fear that *I* actually had rabid dogs under my BED! (How they’d ever GET there, who knows!) and at night before bed  I would turn off my light and in a flying leap run from the other side of my room and jump onto my bed clear across the room into my bed, avoiding stepping BESIDE my bed, for fear they would reach out from under the bed and grab me by the ankles and pull me under, to be devoured and never to be seen again.This went on for quite some time and was followed by other weird childhood phobias such as having my mother die, a stranger kidnap me, fire(which we DID have many yeas later, in fact!) and oddly, earthquakes(which aren’t even IN our area!)One of my kids also thought they had monsters under their bed and another had this scary nightmare called the “Blue Game” where this terrifying veiny hand would get him and he’d wake up scared, sweating, screaming and his little heart thumping, so one day I told him the next time he had it to put me in the dream and I’d chop it’s fingers off with an axe…..and it worked; it never bothered him again. Kids are afraid of the strangest things! Now as an adult I have more real fears, such as something bad happening to my kids or losing them in some way.