Please pray for my father-in-law.

Would you please pray for my father-in-law? Yesterday he had emergency surgery to amputate his leg from above the knee due to flesh eating disease! At first, due to poor circulation from his diabetes he had gangrene/infected toes and had actually even asked them to amputate but they wouldn’t, and then the infection spread to his leg, where the Strep A bacteria found it’s way in causing the flesh eating disease which rapidly spread, endangering his life and they had to perform emergency surgery in the middle of the night. Luckily he pulled thru it ok(as well as one can pull thru losing a limb, that is!) and is doing well and looking good,even joking and laughing. He’s probably just glad to have it over with, for the pain to be over and to have it behind him now. Hopefully they got the entire thing out before it had a chance to spread any further. He is in his 70’s and is a nice man.He didn’t deserve this to happen to him so can you please pray for him? Please pray that they got the entire infection, and that he can adjust to his new life with only one leg.