Instantly fall….overnight!

We are now, for all purposes(except for the date on the calender; not yet the 21st) into fall. For the past week we’d had a heatwave 30C with humidity 39C but then, allof a sudden, from Friday to Saturday the seasons abruptly changed literally overnight: when I went outside yesterday there were leaves on the ground, a crisp chill in the air(you could smell it!) it was really cold, dull, dank, an insane wind(perhaps left over from hurricane Earl now hitting the East coast?) and lots of heavy rain. It was 15C and looked and smelled like fall. The day before the kids complained it was too HOT to be outside,and then the very next day they complained it was too COLD,and we went from short-sleeves and shorts to long sleeves, long pants and sweaters!

As well, I put out our fall decor(I take down on 30 Oct. so people don’t mistakenly think it’s for occult Hallowe’en, but rather just for the fall harvest season): scarecrow, leaf garland, wreaths,and corn stalks. Of course even that can’t go smoothly for me(with my cursed bad luck): the spool of fishing line fell OFF the balcony down into a bush below, unravelling all the way.Of course.I am like one of those misfortunate cartoon characters where everything always goes wrong, big things and little things.Only this is real life and it’s NOT funny.It’s as if I curse everything I touch and have gotten to the point that now I’d do just about *ANYTHING* to make the bad luck just STOP!! I even get blamed for it, too, like the other day when I hit my head(as I have no depth perception and this happens all the time; I always think I have more space than I actually do and can’t judge distance) on the “roof” over the stove and my hubby screamed at me for “ruining” it(part of it fell off and a screw popped off), never asking or caring that I might have been hurt. Nice.