I nick-named Sieka “Thumper” as whenever she sees anybody she’s so happy and eagerly wags her tail so much it bangs against things and goes, “Thump, thump, thump!” She was a bad girl yesterday as well: chewing more on the porch carpet again and she KNEW she was in trouble too as she slinked away when yelled at, with her tail between her legs and hid under the tool shed! Chewing gets her into a lot of trouble and she’s very destructive with it(chews up the fence,and  paper and stuff that blows around too) even though she HAS lots of chew toys, bones and biscuits and Wilson to keep her company, so she’s not bored! It has me at wit’s end!! I spray the dog repellent on it but makes no difference.  She’s getting bigger now as well and is close to the same size as Wilson and she’s not even half grown yet! She continues to eat ca-ca and is starting to bark at things now, like a squirrel in the yard. She has this game with the fly swatter she likes to play where I rub it along the ground and she chases it and when I hold it up in the air she stands up and swats at it like a kitten! It’s so cute! She’s smart too when it’s hot and I have the fan on with the water misting out; she’ll sit in front of it to get wet and cooled down and licks the water dropping down off it with her tongue!