What a bad day!!

Yesterday was such a bad day. One of those days you just want to go back to bed!(I have MANY days like this; it’s very common for me and tends to be my usual) A day that you wish you never woke up and wish you could re-wind and start over like in that lame movie “Groundhog Day”. First of all, I was sick; headache(for days), aching sore jaw and ears, queasy stomach, feeling dizzy and faint, and chills, and ended up having a 3 HR nap! As well, preparing for our first day back homeschooling for the new school year discovered they’d changed one of the books(the grade 7 Language Arts) and the book no longer has the answer key, so now we have to scramble around and get a whole new  other book! My mother was her usual hateful  self as well: snarking that I’m “lucky” I found my hubby as “no one ELSE would put UP with me!” or “‘Let’ me stay home with the kids”(actually, though, any devoutly religious, traditional, or homeschooler WOULD; there’s more godly, pro-family,righteous men out there than she thinks!)which utterly crushed me; destroying my heart, soul and spirit all in one nasty blow. Who’s “side” is she ON,anyway?(obviously NOT mine!) I feel truly alone; I have NO support, no one on my “side” or that “has got my back.” She is so toxic and I don’t like the way she makes me feel about myself. Sieka also continues to chew and tear apart the porch carpet(now I put powdered cayenne pepper on it to discourage her) and I’m getting tired of HER now,too, so destructive and a pain in the ass. Nothing can ever just work out or go right for me….and then *I* get blamed for GETTING fed-up and mad and not being able to take any more(they sneer,”STOP always complaining!” and they’re “tired of always hearing about it all the time!”…yeah, well, how do they think *I* feel LIVING it?) but I’ve had enough. I wish I would run away from my life and just go somewhere else and BE someone else and just start all “over” again…

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