Back to school.

Yesterday was back to school, for our homeschooling and for all the other schools. I think it’s mean how so many parents were glad, gleeful and cheerful and happy to be getting rid of their kids all day. I personally like having my kids home and don’t want them gone all day, I mean, why even HAVE kids if you’re just going to farm them off all day to be raised and indoctrinated by strangers and the state? People decry not everyone CAN homeschool and it’s not for everybody,etc. give me a break! That’s just a load of BS! ANYONE can homeschool; it’s possible if it’s important enough anyone can find a way(I even know single mothers that do!) if you love your kids enough to do what’s best for them, then you sacrifice and FIND a way.It IS possible for anyone; where there’s a will there’s a way. Most people are just too selfish to bother or think it’s too hard. As well, this year the local school buses were 40 minutes late; what a way to begin the first day of school; they’re so incompentent! Imagine the stress of being late on your first day? It’s been 25 YRS since I graduated and I STILL have nightmares even now about when I was in school.I was always so nervous and worried the first day every year that I was sick to my stomach! Our first day was so-so; 4 of the pencils broke and we ended up having the wrong grade 7 Lang. Arts books and now have to get another one.I am teaching many grades, from grade 2 up to grade 11. This is my 19th year at it and I’m old and jaded; it’s hard and it’s stressful,it’s NOT “easy”, but for us there is no other option and we wouldn’t have it any other way!