All Day Kindergarten.

The “genius”(cough,cough!) premier of the province has this “smart”{snort!snort!} idea to launch all day Kindergarten. So starting this school year, they are doing some “test” areas and the idea is next year it’ll be province wide. So the idea of this is kids aged4-5 years old, instead of having a half-day of school, are now crammed in classrooms from like 8-3(or 4) pm 5 days week, being raised and indoctrinated by the state all day, away from the influence and beliefs of their families. To be brainwashed into immorality(incl. sex ed, exposure to homosexuality, birth/population control,etc.) radical environmentalism/earth worship, feminism, secular humanism, Big Brother Nanny-State control, and turned against family, faith and morals. Along with it, they also have before and after school programs, to brainwash the kids even more and to keep them away from their families even longer, and this is NOT  optional,either; it is MANDATORY! If your kindergartener goes to public school they now MUST be handed over all day, to be indoctrinated early and for long periods.Raised by the state right from the beginning, taken away from their parents as soon as they can get them, and even sooner for those selfish parents who also farm their kids off to babysitters/daycare!.At this rate they’ll be stressed and burned out before they even get to grade 1! Little kids can’t sit for long, need frequent breaks, to be outside and to run and get exercise; they are not yet mature, or capable, to sit for long stretches, and to have lessons(propaganda) hammered into their little brains for so long at such an early age. They will turn into little mindless dumbed-down state-controlled robots ,who, if they’re “lucky”, will spend a whole 30 min. a day with their parents. This is just wrong on SO many levels and yet another reminder to me why I’m so glad we homeschool! Communism and state control is alive and well and begins in infancy!